Every now and again, an artist comes along who can crossover and have their music achieve success in two genres. Then there is Philadelphia, PA artist Ty Avery, whose music has the ability to make an impact in the R&B, Adult Contemporary and Pop genres. His upcoming single, ‘Gravity’ is an eclectic mix soulful and smooth music with a fresh yet familiar sound allowing you to press play and just listen without skipping a track.    

Ty Avery (Tyler Avery Wilder) is an R&B/Pop singer/songwriter. Ty began singing at a very young age and like many successful artists; his musical roots are planted firmly in the church. The vocal training Ty would receive there would prove to be the foundation for future musical endeavors. Over time, Ty Avery gravitated towards R&B music, as the instrumentals would speak to his heart and the lyrics, his soul.

While performing inside and outside of church, Ty quickly became a lead vocalist, as his singing ability could not be ignored. Those very talents also led to opportunities in acting. He began taking roles that highlighted not only his vocal prowess, but also his range as an actor.

As Ty matured, so did his talents. In high school, he was part of the school’s Concert Choir. Ty also starred in two of his school musicals, "The Music Man" and "Fiddler on the Roof". He toured with his high school choir to Europe and Canada performing lead vocals while on tour.

As a solo artist, Ty began working on his debut project at Cue Sound Studio under the mentorship of Producer/Musician/Engineer Rick Harris and Songwriter/Producer Kindell Forbes. “The growth I have experienced could not be measured by mere sound. I went from being a high school kid to an adult while growing and understanding my voice as an artist.”

Ty expresses himself through his music as he paints a picture with striking imagery and sensual vocals. Ty Avery even shines in a nod to one of his R&B influences ‘Al B. Sure’ on his acoustic cover of “Ooh This Love Is So”. Even Al B. Sure himself gave Ty Avery kudos via Twitter after hearing it.

Ty Avery is preparing for a local tour of venues to get the region acclimated with his music to build momentum and spread around the world like a wildfire. Ty’s music is culmination of experiences, trials and triumphs that he gets to report matters of the heart first hand like a news anchor. With undeniable vocals, new yet nostalgic production and arrangements will make you yearn for Ty’s album like you’re hearing it again for the first time.